Stoke Air Ambulance is brand new, we are a charity and rely completely on your donations, we are NOT connected to either Midlands Air Ambulance to the South of us which primarily cover Birmingham & surrounding area, nor are we connected to North West Air Ambulance to the North of us who primarily cover the Manchester & Liverpool areas. Furthermore they will NOT share any funding that you give to them with your new Stoke Air Ambulance as we are completely separate charities, so whether it be by playing their lottery, having fundraising events, collections, Payroll giving or leaving a gift in your will, if you would like to support the New Stoke Air Ambulance to raise funds for our own helicopter you can simply sign up to either our lottery or make a monthly donation through this website and “coming soon” will be Events, Payroll giving and gifts in will’s.


Stoke on Trent and the surrounding areas have never had their own dedicated Air Ambulance, we have always had to rely completely on helicopters which also serve 6 million people in Birmingham and 3 million people in Manchester and which are all based a long way away at Cosford (Telford), Tatenhill (Burton on Trent) or Barton at City Airport (West Manchester) With such a massive area to cover it is understandable why they are often busy saving lives elsewhere when we need them in this area.

Experience has shown that the faster we can get a doctor & paramedic on the scene who can administer life saving techniques with the help of medication and equipment to a patient who may be dying with life threatening injuries or in a critical condition will help to save lives. Time is critical in these cases so having our own helicopter based and dedicated to this area with a critical care trained doctor & paramedic on board will undoubtedly save many additional local lives which could include your friends, neighbours or your family.


Please take a look at the map showing the area that your Stoke Air Ambulance will be covering from Congleton, Crewe & Nantwich in the North to Stafford in the South, Market Drayton in the West and over to Leek in the East. As I mentioned earlier we receive no government funding or NHS funding so will be relying completely on your donations, generosity and allegiance to our monthly Direct Debit plan to support us which can be found on the home page. You can choose how much you would like to donate each month rising in £5 increments ie £5 £10 £15 or £20 pcm. These funds will go directly into the charities account or you could play our life saving lottery too from just £1 or £2 per week. Leaving us a donation in your will would be very much appreciated and is another way to ensure that the next generation get to live in a safer place.

Your financial support is paramount in achieving our aim of providing a Stoke on Trent based Air Ambulance so lets start saving lives together.