Phil Copeland – CEO

Born in Stoke on Trent, despite being severely dyslexic Phil is a self taught business entrepreneur with a background in leading large campaigns which are public service orientated.  Over the last 25 years he has helped many people by reducing over 50,000 household fuel bills and organising free home insulation’s for many of them  Providing 250,000 people with home based computer skills courses to help them in everyday life and providing over 1,000 LINK ATM’s for suburban and rural communities to access cash.  These have gone on to pay out over £250,000,000. Used to leading large multiple campaigns that help people in Stoke, across the Midlands and throughout the UK he brings with him an accomplished team eagerly awaiting the launch of the Stoke Air Ambulance project whose main aim is to save more lives in this area and to help the NHS.

Phil took time out from his busy business life to spend time with his wife Carole travelling and discovering different cultures. He has lived in Barbados, Thailand and France and has travelled extensively. Phil realised during an illness in Barbados just how important our NHS is in providing excellent care.  He was advised to return to the UK where he underwent life saving surgery and feels that his mission now is to provide to the people of Stoke on Trent and the immediate surrounding areas access to a local air ambulance service so that patients with life threatening illnesses and injuries can be reached more rapidly than having to wait for a helicopter to come from over 20 miles away or further. This is now his passion and he is dedicated to raising the funding required for such an important mission.

Daniel Moores – HEAD TRUSTEE

I am a family man and an entrepreneur dedicated to providing the best life for them and others. My background is in aviation having studied aerospace and manufacturing engineering with pilot studies. I run Community Concessions Ltd; Mailbox Rental Ltd and North Pole South Pole Ltd. In 2024 I’ll be attempting a solo expedition to set a new world cycling record which is part of a million pound commercial project which is attracting global publicity. 

I have a strong interest in bush craft and survival. I love being outdoors. I used to be an endurance cyclist for Raleigh for whom I have spent years cycling and travelling the world, cycling; London to Australia, across Russia, China & South America and also attempting to set multiple world records such as being the first person to cycle around the world in 80 days.

In my life so far, like in entrepreneur style, I’ve failed and I’ve also succeeded. Whether it was funding for a cycling expedition, funding to climb Mt Everest or starting a new business venture, I made it my mission to find a way to do it. 

I started the charity HESE in 2015 and took my idea to campaign on behalf of all of the reginal AA Charities on a national level to the Air Ambulance Association. They thought it was a brilliant idea and not long afterwards set up the national charity Air Ambulance UK to do exactly that. They are still going strong today and at their helm is one of our own Stoke on Trent’s Patients Rights campaigner Simmy Akhtar doing a great job.    

Richard Branson is a huge inspiration of mine, inspired by both him and his children, I try to adopt his philosophies to run my businesses today in that they all should be beyond any profit making and do good for people and the planet. All of our board are a group of entrepreneurial and adventure-minded successful individuals looking to create something revolutionary to save many lives and better serve the people of Stoke on Trent.

My role within the charity is to provide direction in an entrepreneurial fashion alongside our trustees and CEO. Making sure we are legal and compliant with charity law; Work alongside our CEO to ensure we complete our day to day activities; Head our outdoor events; Bring experience and expertise within the aviation industry and last but not least, make what we’re doing something for everyone to get excited about.

Andrew Shaw – TRUSTEE

Who am I? That’s a good question… I will let you know as soon as I find out. If you want some labels, I am a father, friend, son, entrepreneur, sports lover, contrarian thinker, speaker, coach, business owner, and self-crowned comedian – If my book does well, I will keep that label.

I am me. Trying, day by day, to show up as the best version I can, and going to sleep better for the experience.

Maximising every minute of life. Imperfectly perfect, vulnerable, living and speaking my truth about the things that matter to me.

Currently the CEO of MSM Healthcare and First Parallel North. I’ve ran a group of successful companies over the years and spent 10 years of my life living out in Singapore where I ran multiple businesses, also director of an international recruitment firm.

I am currently spending a lot of time with business in Dubai where I’m looking at the NFT markets. However, I will be spending a lot of time with HESE/Stoke AA to help guide and grow the charity through my networks and experience leading start-ups to grow into multi-million pound companies.

Adam Sparkes – TRUSTEE

My name is Adam. I’ve spent the last five years developing my skills in language education. After refining those skills, I now spend more time developing and leading a team of teachers. My current role is as a Director of Studies in an international language centre in Wuhan, China (yes, that place!).

My major is in Film Production. Although this has taken a back seat with my teaching priorities in recent years, I still have lots of creative zeal and have a portfolio of short films I have made and contributed to over the years. 

I first started my involvement with HESE in 2015, when the charity was nothing more than a project idea. From then on through to 2017, I had regular contact with Daniel Moores, working for and growing the infrastructure of the charity. I’ve been involved in recruitment of and coordinating fundraisers, managing cash donations, co-managing a donations store, representing the brand at events and filming promotional videos.

My work with the charity these days is almost entirely done from afar, which is easier than ever with all these online meeting platforms! I mainly support with ensuring the quality of brand communications and planning for future marketing opportunities.