Leaving a gift in your will

Gifts in will’s and donations make up a high percentage of our fundraising. By leaving a gift to your new local Stoke Air Ambulance charity you will help to create a better safer future both for your family and the people who live around you as one day someone you know may need the life saving treatment and transport which the Stoke Air Ambulance will provide.  We ask you to invest in both our future and theirs by considering leaving a life saving tax free donation to us.

If you’ve decided to remember us, please consider telling us by sending us a message via the “contact us” tab at the top of our home page, thank you! 

Already have a will and would like to amend it to support your new Stoke Air Ambulance ?

It is important to update your will every few years and many of you have asked us how to change which Air Ambulance charity you leave your donation to, simply call the lawyer or company who drafted your will for you and ask them to switch the gift in your will to support your new local Stoke Air Ambulance, they may send out a new copy for you to sign.

If you have any problems please let us know via the “contact us” section at the top of our home page and we will arrange for someone to help you.

FREE will writing

We will be setting this up soon so please watch this space, once we launch it we will report it in our Latest News section at the top of our home page and on social media. 

If you are a lawyer and would like to offer us your services please send us a message.   

Thank You

Leaving a gift in your will is something that will not affect you right now except for knowing that you are doing something really special which will truly make a difference to the future of others.

We promise to spend every £1 donated effectively, wisely and in developing a safer future in the new Stoke Air Ambulance area. (see map on the home page)